PAPER BRAINS wins IF International Forum Design Design Award 2018

Category: Exhibition design
Discipline: Interior Architecture

PAPER BRAINS was an exhibition curated by Danne Ojeda in collaboration with Lisa Kuitert
(Book and Manuscript Studies) and the Special Collections Library, University of Amsterdam, 2017


d-sign-lab poster

PAPER BRAINS exhibition
Interaction with an enlarged fugitive sheet
Figures reproduced from Le corps humain..., 1879.

Photo credit: Stefanie Archer

Exhibition dates 
22. 06 – 17. 07. 2017 

Book & Manuscript Studies
Turfdraagsterpad 15 – 17, 1012 XT
Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam (UvA)
The Netherlands

› Interview → D-Sign-Lab of Danné Ojeda, Interview by Ludmila Favardin(03-01–2016, Edition Lidu Publishers, Nantes, France.

› Publication → [Paper] Book History Scholarship: Creation, Transmission of Knowledge And Archives → Visible Language, The Journal of Visual Communication Research. Lommen, M. and Ojeda, D., 2016. (Volume 50.2, Cincinnati: USA).

› Publication → [Paper] On the Name of Book Wrighting: Irma Boom’s ‘Transformative Crossover Production → The Journal of Modern Craft Boom, I. and Ojeda, D., 2016. (Volume 9.1, Routledge, Taylor and Francis: London) pp 55-70.

› Publication (Design Work: Basic Object of Knowledge [B.O.O.K.]) → ‘International Yearbook Communication Design 2015-2016’. Red Dot Edition (Germany) 2015-2016.

› Award → RED DOT DESIGN AWARD COMMUNICATION DESIGN 2015 (Spatial communication) › Basic Object of Knowledge (B.O.O.K.) – The Contemporary Book and its Model, Singapore, Singapore.

› Exhibition → [Book] Basic Object of Knowledge. The Contemporary Book and its Model (13–16.11.2014), Singapore. Danne Ojeda curated this exhibition held at the Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (CCA).

› Award → SPARK! AWARD 2014 (Graphic category) › Camino a la Modernidad / The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting, New York, USA.

› Award → ASIA’S TOP DESIGNERS AWARD, SINGAPORE DESIGN AWARD 2014› All works designed by Danne Ojeda for the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, Singapore.

› Research → YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2014, Art Fahrenheit 451: Sailing into the sea of oblivion (01.08–03.11.2014), Yokohama, Japan. Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the triennale.

› Award → CAMINO A LA MODERNIDAD / THE PATH TO MODERNITY: MEXICAN MODERN PAINTING, received ART BOOKS WANTED (ABW) International Award 2013, in the category of ‘Best Art Catalogue’.

› Research → BIENNALE JOGJA: XII Equator #2 (16.11.2013–06.01.2014), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the biennale.

› Research → AICHI TRIENNALE 2013: Awakening – Where Are We Standing? – Earth, Memory and Resurrection.(10.08–27.10.2013), Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Danne Ojeda participates as researcher at the triennial.

› Exhibition  ART BOOKS WANTED EXHIBITION (19.06–06.07.2013), B1–Centre for Contemporary Design, Prague (CZ).
The show follows the ABW International Award 2013 where the book ‘The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting’ was awarded ‘Best Art Catalogue’.

› Research → 5TH AUCKLAND TRIENNIAL: If you Were to Live Here (10.05–11.08.2013), Auckland, New Zealand.
Danne Ojeda participates as researcher at the triennial.

› Exhibition DESIGNS PUSH SHOWCASE (9–11.03.2013). ‘Amanda Heng — Speak To Me, Walk With Me’ is exhibited at, Scape Warehouse 2, Singapore.

› Research → KOCHI-MUZIRIS BIENNALE 2012 (2012–2013), Kochi, Kerala, India, 2012. Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the biennale.

› Research → THE ASIA PACIFIC TRIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART (10.05–11.08.2013), Brisbane, Australia.
Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.

› Publication → IRIDESCENT: Consumed (Volume 2, Issue 3, 2013), ICOGRADA Journal of Design Research,
is published. Danne Ojeda is part of the Advisory Board.

› Award → GOLD AWARD (Print category), Singapore Design Awards 2012 › ‘Amanda Heng: Speak To Me, Walk With Me’, 24th edition of the Singapore Design Awards 2012 (Design Business Chamber Singapore).

› Exhibition → ‘The Design of Persuasion’. Red Dot on Tour – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design, Feb–Jul 2012, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore.

› Publication (Design work: Design by Subtraction) → Minimalist Graphics.
Ed. Julia Schonlau, HarperCollins Publishers, UK, 2011.

› Publication (Design work: Design by Subtraction) → mnm Diseño Gráfico Minimalista. Ed. Julia Schonlau, Ed. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona. 2011.

› Exhibition → ‘I Have A Room With Everything’, 25.06.2011–05.08.2011, Night & Day Gallery, Singapore.

› Interview → Danne Ojeda — The Design Society Conference 2011,
‘Design Boundaries’, Singapore.

› Exhibition → Red Dot on Tour, 4—27.04.2011, Basel School of Art and Design, Switzerland.

› Presentation → ‘One and Three Books’, 17th Biennale of Sydney ‘The Beauty of Distance’, 2010, Australia.

› Publication (Design Work: The Path to Modernity) → ‘International Yearbook Communication Design 2010–11’.
Verlag + Vertrieb weltweit Publisher, Essen. 2011.

› Award → Camino a la Modernidad / The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting (2009–10)
received the distinction ‘Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010’.

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