The catalogue * (Asterisk) for B.O.O.K, designed by Danne Ojeda is exhibited at the 28th International Biennial
of Graphic Design Brno 2018

Date: 11.05 – 26.08
Place: Museum of Applied Arts, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Republic

The Museum of Applied Arts, Moravian Gallery in Brno
The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

The work was selected by an international jury, consisting of Lars Harmsen (DE), Omar Sosa (ES/US),
Steven Watson (GB), Jirí Karásek (CZ), Pavla Pauknerová (CZ) and the curatorial team of the biennial
and design collective OKOLO, (CZ).


The Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design
Text extracted from the Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design website

‘The Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design, established in 1963, is one of the oldest and most
important events in the field of visual communication worldwide. The birth of the Brno Biennial took
place against a backdrop of the cultural and political situation in the 1960’s, when events were driven
by efforts on the part of Czechoslovak artists and designers to develop their right to free artistic
expression, tempted by the possibility of comparing what they designed with international counterparts.
A large number of eminent figures in the field of graphic design have taken part in the Brno Biennial
over the years, as exhibiting artists, members of international juries, and lecturers at international
symposia. The Brno Biennial has played host to such graphic design luminaries as Saul Bass, Roman
Cieslewicz, Wim Crouwel, Alan Fletcher, Adrian Frutiger, Shigeo Fukuda, Milton Glaser, Ivan Chermayeff,
Seymour Chwast, Mitsuo Katsui, Herb Lubalin, Ladislav Sutnar, Josef Týfa, Tadanori Yokoo, Hermann Zapf
and many others.’

About the design work
* (Asterisk) is a newspaper supplement published on the occasion of the exhibition ‘B.O.O.K.
Basic Object of Knowledge. The Contemporary Book and its Model’ held at NTU CCA, Centre for Contemporary
Art Singapore. *(Asterisk) was designed as an insert for Singaporean newspapers The Straits Times and
Today. The design is based on the grid structures and sizes of the above-mentioned newspapers. The modus
operandi includes an effect of ‘unfolding the grid’ of the mentioned newspapers, or transforming their
column grids into pages.

Asteriskos were first introduced by Aristophanes of Byzantium to mark lines repeated several times
in Homeric texts. In Ojeda’s project, the current print appears as a contemporary palimpsest. The surface
where the initial writing has been somehow deleted is appropriated to be symbolically re-used. The result
is a sort of “double writing” which * (Asterisk) insert for the Singaporean newspapers appears to be when
adapting the newspaper function into the form of an exhibition catalogue. This reuse of the newspaper’s
“architecture” also signifies the text within a text as an endlessly game of mirrors of references.

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› Award → ASIA’S TOP DESIGNERS AWARD, SINGAPORE DESIGN AWARD 2014› All works designed by Danne Ojeda for the Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore, Singapore.

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› Research → KOCHI-MUZIRIS BIENNALE 2012 (2012–2013), Kochi, Kerala, India, 2012. Danne Ojeda is a researcher at the biennale.

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› Exhibition → ‘The Design of Persuasion’. Red Dot on Tour – Winners Red Dot Award: Communication Design, Feb–Jul 2012, Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore.

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‘Design Boundaries’, Singapore.

› Presentation → ‘One and Three Books’, 17th Biennale of Sydney ‘The Beauty of Distance’, 2010, Australia.

› Award → Camino a la Modernidad / The Path to Modernity: Mexican Modern Painting (2009–10)
received the distinction ‘Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2010’.

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